Sweet Wheat American Wheat Beer 33CL 4,5%

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This ultra-refreshing American Wheat Beer has all the extra pale cloudiness and drink-ability of a Hefeweizen, but without any of the clove, nutmeg or banana flavours of its Bavarian cousin. Built upon a malt base of 60% wheat/40% Pilsner, it is soft bodied with a cereal character of biscuits and a gentle mouthfeel. The classic combination of Mosa-ic, Citra and Cascade hops used in the whirl-pool contributes to a light fruit/citrus quality on the palate, however this beer is not dry hopped, so it’s far from “hoppy”. The finish is crisp with a light sweetness that invites sip after sip, and the medium carbonation allows the creamy, white head to linger. Squirt in a wedge of orange or lemon into your Sweet Wheat for the ultimate summer drink!

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